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It's been aeons since I posted, and I haven't been using PS much, either. /dodges

It all depends on how things go(shutting down this community, I mean), but I'll always like making things and I'm definitely not going to shut this community down! Today, I come bearing a fanmix: this fanmix has been my baby in the making for over a year now, which started off when I heard Send Him Away and thought it perfect for Izaya and by pure fate listened to Honey subsequently and thought it perfect for Namie's POV. (I SHIP THEM SO HARD YOU GUYS. ALL THE FEELINGS AND HEADCANON!!!!111!) I've added songs and cut them out in frustration over time and messed with numerous covers, but in the end I decided to just build a small EP over my two perfect songs (by using only 3 other tracks!) and well, it's more of a songs-that-make-me-think-of-izaya/namie than an actual EP/FST, really.

I am really just posting because I can, okay ;///;

dark hearts Izaya/Namie fanmix  

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Enjoy. ♥ The link for tumblr is this.

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I ACTUALLY MANAGED TO FINISH THIS. At the risk of my sanity, though, so I'll be staying away from 20in20s for quite a while now, thank-you very much.

lavender88 goaded me into signing up but she bailed halfway and I had already done like, 8 of the icons so I just went with it ughhh. 20in20s always seem so fun and innocent when you sign up, turn into perfect horrors when you're actually doing the thing, and somehow managed to be fun and makes you want to do it again when you're done? Whaaaaat. 

But I did think I had a lot of time so I was initially going to be ambitious with this but something important happened with school and I had to drastically reroute all my available time to worrying over it and being ~stressed so I'm just glad I managed to finish this, even if I wish I had more time because these are more than slapdash.


20 icons + alternates for anime20in20

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a fan community for the upcoming anime guilty crown
OKAY so i was mildly ( more than that, but i'm trying to not get my hopes up ) excited for this series and out of a whim, tried out the name and surprisingly— it was available, so i made a comm for it! i've never maintained a comm before, and i will be bad at it ( so if anyone wants to co-mod it etc etc ) but i think this series shows a lot of potential and i already have an ~OTP so join/watch the comm and get excited with me, 'kay?

* format for pimp post is based on ironside

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I'm such a sporadic poster but I'm planning to update the comm with something soon! I feel bad for missing my last entry for anime20in20 but it was more than I could handle tbh. Have a meme for now~!

Icon Bump || My Thread

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I noticed, with a nasty shock, that lately i have been unable to icon anything except for the occasional 20in20 icontests and/or cropping icons from the stuff i make for tumblr. It's getting to be a bad habit...but anyway!

Mawaru Penguindrum is my new favourite thing, and all I can ask for in a new anime and I love love love it. I only made a few icons for my own personal use, but I decided to share them anyway.I apologize for the fact that these aren't really good, though D: I was cropping the few caps I snagged from randomc laaaate at night, and today morning all I did was to slap some old PSDs on them and maaaaybe had a little fun experimenting with textures on the caps from the ending so...forgive me for the general sloppiness of these ;;

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Nominations Directory / Promote / Rules
Nominations are just opened now so join in the fun? I didn't actually plan on taking
aaany part in this at all but I've nominated a couple of people and I definitely
look forward to the voting! I've never, ever thought of myself as an iconist, and I'm so
ridiculously slow at evolving and stuff but thank-you to the people who nominated me (!!) hearts;

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